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We are Lara'Ana and Solve! Our task is to bring energetic patterns and new technologies from the spirit world here on the planet and to make them accessible to you.

We are all the same, we are divine beings, we all breathe the divine light and we carry a divine spark in us! Omar Ta Satt, we are all ONE, we are SO'HAM!


SO'HAM means: "I am divine! God is in me and I am in God, we are inseparable forever and in deep love!"


With our seminars on light work "Crystal of Love" and our high-energy products from Jewel of the Angels, we would like to help you to remember who you really are. You are SO'HAM, you are divine!


You are so much more than just human, you are a high light in a human body! Free yourself from energetic patterns and structures of duality, as it is right and good for you and take your place! Everything you need is in you, everything is contained in your light body. We would like to support you to become aware of your divinity in order to be able to live your divinity again in your everyday life. With our seminars we show you a very simple technique of how you can work with your skills! In our practice evenings we accompany you in your further development and support you to use newly acquired knowledge with the crystal of love in your everyday life!


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